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Follow Us On Twitter!

We just opened up a brand new Twitter account and we encourage any of you with students enrolled at our school to follow us. Besides being a great way to connect on a more personnel level, it also provides us with a way to deliver information quickly to you to keep you in the immediate loop of daily happenings.

For example, if one of our vehicles were to break down we could tweet this out as to not cause worry among the parents waiting on their children. If we had a power outage, we could inform you right away as to what the schedule for the rest of the day would be! There are many advantages and the above listed are just to name a few. We don’t plan on tweeting just to tweet…but rather using it to deliver information that a parent might find useful and informative.

You can follow us by clicking here: Follow Buhach Preschool On Twitter

Thank you!


Juan Gama



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