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Registration and Enrollment

Upon enrollment you will be asked to fill out all enrollment documents, many of which are state mandated. We will ask you to update and renew the paperwork at least once per year or as necessary.

Occasionally your child may need to be picked up by someone other than parents/guardians unless the person is listed in the authorized/emergency contact list he/she will not be allowed to pick up your child. Also please advice them that they will be required to provide a government issued form of identification to verify identity.

All information will be kept confidential and will only be shared with parents/guardians unless court orders are provided.

Enrollment Forms

There are many forms that need to be completed before your child can start attending Buhach Preschool. If you would like, we can mail you all the forms to fill out by hand or you can download all the forms here on our website and fill them out electronically. You can then print them out and then turn them in to us in person, send them via a FAX machine or attach them to an email to us. We hope all these options will make it easy for you to get your child enrolled as soon as possible!

We have put together a full enrollment packet for you to download in a .zip format. It includes all the mandatory forms, enrollment information, a parent’s handbook and our rates. All files are in .pdf format and can be opened and filled out using Adobe Reader and the rates file can be opened and read with Microsoft Excel Reader or OpenOffice Calc. You can download this packet from many places on our website including here:

   Download Enrollment Packet

Here are all the forms included in the Enrollment Packet so you may preview them and prepare for the information and medical records you will need to provide to us.

   Personal Rights Form LIC613a
   Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment Form LIC627
   Identification and Emergency Information Form LIC700
   Physician’s Report Form LIC701
   Child’s Preadmission Health History Form LIC702
   Notification Of Parents’ Rights Form LIC995
   Needs and Services Plan For Infants Form
   Parent Handbook


Our schedule is  Monday to Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. All tuition fees are due on Friday before the week of services and will be considered late if not received by 6:00 PM on the following Monday.

A registration fee will be applied upon enrollment and collected every year in the fall.

A set tuition fee will be applied to your account weekly based on the schedule you select during enrollment.

We will not adjust tuition for missed days.

You will have 3 vacation weeks during the calendar year in which if requested in advance you will be billed 50% of your regular tuition. This will ensure your child’s space is secured.

Only Checks, Money Orders, or Cashier’s checks will be accepted.

A fee will be applied to returned checks.

If you child is picked up after closing there will be a late pick up fee assessed.

We accept all local subsidy or third party assistance programs. In the case there is a difference between our prices and what the program pays, the parents/guardians will be responsible for paying the difference if our fee is greater.


Registration Fees: NEW FEES COMING SOON MAY 2015

Late Payment Fees: NEW FEES COMING SOON MAY 2015

Check back for our new updated fee schedule soon! This posted on May 09, 2015

We strive for top quality care and education; we will do what we can to ensure we work to solve any problem that may cause dissatisfaction to you or your child. If we cannot solve that problem, we understand that you may find other arrangements. If you are going to withdraw or disenroll your child from our programs we ask for a two week written notice.

We reserve the right to terminate services or disenroll any child as deemed necessary at our discretion with or without notice.