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Child Guidance

Child Guidance

At Buhach Preschool we will focus on positive guidance with the use of preventative and proactive approaches that will keep your child engaged and entertained in the activities going on. In situations where more than the proactive or preventative techniques is necessary a redirection technique will be used by engaging the child in other activities either with other children or individually until he/she is ready to return to the group. This will not be used as a punishment, but rather as a distraction. For example a child having inappropriate behavior such as taking toys from his/her friends or hitting, this child first will be talked to and explained the ideas of sharing, if the behavior continues the next step will be for him/her to be asked to go to another part of the classroom and work on other activities, the teacher will ensure there are plenty of other activities to ensure his/her engagement. When the child feels ready to return to the activity he/she will return to the activity.

Under no circumstances will we deny the child of anything, use time out, or use corporal punishment. In cases where the behavior is extreme we will partner with parents to assist with inappropriate or distracting behavior. If the behavior at any point becomes a danger to the health and safety of your child, other children, teachers, or other individuals we will ask to have him/her picked up. In the case that behavior continues we will partner with the parents to set a plan of action to eliminate unwanted or inappropriate behavior. The plan of action will include a list of unwanted behavior, a list of center and teacher provided solutions, parents suggestions as solutions, and a timeline to see improvement. Should the behavior continue all options will be evaluated including disenrollment .


Biting is common among young children, during early childhood, children are sensory learners and often explore orally. In addition, children at a young age do not have fully developed language skills. Impulse control can lead children to bite as a way of making their needs known. We realize that biting can be a big concern, and we strive to minimize the behavior whenever possible.

Buhach Preschool teachers and staff are trained to recognize triggers and how to prevent and decrease incidents. If your child is bitten or bites you and the parents of the other child will receive a report of the incident and office staff will be happy to discuss it with you while keeping information confidential. If your child bites and breaks the skin, we will contact you asking you to pick him/her up. If your child bites three times during a day and there are no other signs such as teething we will ask that you pick him/her up. If the behavior continues we will se a plan of action consisting of the undesired behavior, a list of teacher and center actions to take, parent suggestions, and a timeline to see improvement.


Our programs have a high focus on community involvement; we want to encourage all parents to communicate with teachers and or office personnel about any upcoming activities or community events so that we may use any of that information in enhancing our learning programs.

At pick up you will receive a daily information sheet giving you a brief description of your child’s day and activities. Use this form to communicate with your child at home about their day and as a reference for their learning. We encourage you to ask your child’s teacher or office personnel any questions you may have about your child’s day.

Several times during the year we will set aside time for Parent Teacher Conferences so you can meet with your child’s teacher to discuss his/her development.

You may also join your child at any time while they are at Buhach Preschool, whether you want to stay and visit awhile at drop off or pick up, or you have a few minutes while on your lunch; you are always welcome.

Potty Training

We will be more than happy to help you with potty training your child. Please ensure to closely communicate with office personnel and your child’s teacher to put a plan together that best fits your child.

Rest Time

All age groups will receive a scheduled rest time, they do not have to sleep, but will be encouraged to participate in quiet activities such as puzzles, or reading. Infants will follow their own needs. Our scheduled rest time is from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.

Health & Safety

Everyone at Buhach Preschool strives for excellent care and supervision, occasionally accidents occur. Minor bumps and scratches will be notified to the person picking up with an injury/incident report. Whenever there is an injury or hit above the shoulders regardless of noticeable injury the parents/guardians will be notified via telephone. In the event your child needs immediate medical treatment we will contact you immediately or someone listed in your enrollment emergency documents; we will also allow Emergency First Responders to make the decision on what type of medical treatment to administer if you have not yet arrived.

Buhach Preschool personnel will administer medication whether prescribed by a physician or over the counter only if the proper documentation has been filled out and signed by the parent/guardian. Sunscreen/Sun-block, creams, powder, and ointments fall in the same category and will require you fill out the medication form.

  • For over the counter medication, we will only administer if it is in the original container and with the original dispensing tool. We will also only administer medication if it is labeled to be used for your child’s age, unless otherwise noted by a physician. We will never change the dosage unless otherwise noted by a physician.
  • Some medicine such as inhalers or nebulizers will require several forms to be filled out by your child’s physician before we can administer it.

As mandated by health and safety codes we will need proof that your child’s immunizations are up to date as required for his/her age group before their first day. We will also periodically ask you to update that report.